• We will ceaselessly
    change and advance
    in confidence with you!

  • The final aim
    of our CATECH CO., LTD. is to realize
    the customers' value


The first and the best processing network in Korea

CATECH CO., LTD. was founded for the design of mold parts, production and supply. We have had many years' experience in the world's best precise press industry. Through our wide ranging specialist steel's supplies and vast experience in making various products we have established the NETWORK(CA-NETWORK) that can inquire, estimate and customize processing products and has been online since 2003. It has helped make the customers' wants and needs met conveniently and quickly.
We established a new webpage for more convenient service based on our customers' different needs and a lot of extensive processing experience.

We guarantee to satisfy all the customers' needs accurately and quickly by supplying the goods on time. Moreover we promise to do our best to keep a first class network for the credible processing productions as the first and the best processing domestic network.


Management Policy

We are here thanks to our loyal customers. Our company's responsibility is to realize our customers' hopes as well as to solve different problems and concerns of our customers

We're trying to do our best to be No.1!
We also are not afraid of any change or risk.
We'll keep changing to realize the customers' hope and dream in the ever-changing market.

We'll keep changing and advancing as a professional to lead the areas of planning and production of standard parts and components of press molds
as well as special steel and materials including hardened plate
in addition to the world's best precise die sets and processed goods.


2018 2018. 03 산학일체형 도제학교 협약 기업 ( 경북기계금속 고등학교)
2017 2017. 12 병역특례 지정 업체 (병무청)
2017. 07 뿌리기술 전문 기업 지정 (중소기업청)
2017. 04 기업 부설 연구소 설립 (한국산업기술진흥협회)
2017. 02 The Headquarters moved (Jeongok Marine Industrial Complex Seosin-Myeon, Hwaseongsi Gyeonggido)
2012 2012. 02 Selcected as s Shinhan partner(Shinhan Bank)
2011 2011. 11 Selected as a prominent SME(Daegu Bank)
2010 2010. 10 Paid-in-capital increased, KRW 500 millions
2010. 07 Gyeongsan plant moved(Daewon-Ri Jinryang-eup Gyeongsan-si Gyeongsangbuk-do)
2009 2009. 01 Acquired the Certification of R&D Division(Korea Industrial Technology Association)
2009. 01 Certified as a prominent SME, Gyeong gi –do (Governor of Gyeong gi –do)
2008 2008. 02 The headquarters moved(Ssangyong Techno Park, Ojeong-gu Bucheon-si Gyeong gi –do
2007 2007. 08 Selected as an expert specializing in component and part materials(Ministry of Knowledge and Economy)
2007. 05 Selected as a venture(Korea Technology Finance Corporation)
2007. 04 Selected as a technologically innovative SME(INNOBIZ)
2006 2006. 04 Utility model registration and press mold guide post
2006. 03 ISO9001 and ISO 14001 certifications
2005 2005. 10 Selected as a prominent SME(Woori Bank)
2005. 09 Paid-in-capital increased, KRW 200 millions
2005. 05 Daegu plant established (Asa-ri Jinrang-eup Gyeongsan-si Gyeongsangbuk-do)
2005. 03 Abrasion-resistant linear-guide(against surfaces in contact) patented and registered
2004 2004. 04 The headquarters moved(Samjeong-dong Ojeong-gu Bucheon-si)
2001 2001. 12 The headquarters moved(Sang-dong Wonmi-gu Bucheon-si)
2000 2000. 12 CATECH CO.,LTD. was incorporated
1999 1999. 11 CATECH Company was established


ISO 9001

ISO 14001








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