Experience the sincereness of
CATECH CO., LTD. that does its best to
provide the better customers' value
with the best technology and products

For customers who find it difficult to produce
small quantities even just one or two.
For customers wishing to make samples,
jigs and disposable mechanically
processed items.

Be able to solve complex and various
mechanical processing simply free
from different companies .
One-stop processing from selection of materials to after- treatment covering processing,
heat treatment and plating enables you to save
the costs of managing outsourcing and surveys.


The project, the production and sales of the press mold parts

The design, the production and sales of the precise press die sets

The production of the different processed goods and sale system

The project, the production and sales of the mechatronics fixturing tool

The project, the production and sales of the automated machines

The project and sales of the exclusive equipments and machines

Other exportation and importation



We have concentrated our efforts to the
maximum on the customers' needs and
requirements since our company was established
on November 11, 1999.

Processing Capacity

We have a production and processing system to provide a one-stop solution from
materials, manufactures, heat treatment and
after-treatment with the help of about
150 affiliated companies and various processing machines.

Management Capacity

We have an efficient system to cover domestic
and overseas customers' needs and requests.

Design Technology

Based on the 2D or 3D CAD·CAM design and processing, the company can provide the
one-stop services covering the entire process
from design to processing and production
at one time.

Selection of materials and after-treatment

Everything about Processing
1. Selection of materials and after-treatment
Tungsten carbide, Special steel, Aluminum, Stainless, Resin, Plastic
2. Processing of various machines
Machining center, Milling, Lathe, NC lathe, Wire Cutting, Electrical Discharge Machining
3. After-treatment
Heat treatment, Surface treatment, Plating, Painting, Coating


Capacity for Processing