Everything About processing


- Cutting work (lathe, milling, gundrill, keyhome, gear)
- Electrical Discharge Machine (wire processing, discharge)
- grinding (plane or cylindrical grinding, polishing, ramping)
- Laser cutting
- water jet
- Press processing, sheet metal processing
- welding, bending
- Boring, Planer
- Mold machines, Mold Monobloc, Styrofoam
- Plating (anodizing, black fasting and etc.)
- Sandblast, Hairline and other surface finishing
- Tungsten Carbide Bridging
Special steel (S45C, S55c, SKD11 etc.), Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Carbide, Ceramic, Titanium, Resin, Plastic, P/M High Speed Steel, Pre-hardened Steel, Others
- Milling processing (2100 x 3000)
- MCT26 processing (2500 x 4200)
- Rurface grinding (2500 x 4200)
- Mold grinding (450 x 800)
- Cylinder grinding (400 x 1000)
- a wide use NC (1200 x 3500)
- Lathe (Φ950 x 6000)
- Boring Machine (2500 x 4000)
- Wire (600 x 400)
- Discharge (700 x 700 x 400)
At first our company starts all the work, checking materials except especial case.
We can make drawing by getting goods from the company.
We will start making the goods after your company has approved the design plans.
(We receive an extra charge for the machine drawing)
Yes. You can visit anytime within working time.
Please make a reservation before visiting our company and call us ahead.

Processing equipment

Processing capacity

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